Board Rules

Site Rules

User Names
Malthusia reserves the right to disallow user names deemed disruptive to the site. If your user name is changed by the administration you will be notified by Private Message.

Starting New Topics
Before starting a new topic, use the search feature to try to ensure it isn't a duplicate of an existing topic. Duplicate topics will be merged by the Moderators.

Prohibited Content
The following are prohibited on the Malthusia forums and blogs, and may result in administrative action with or without warning:
  • Flaming, snarking, and intentional rudeness in general.
  • Acting in the unofficial capacity of a Moderator to correct the behavior of other members. Use the "Report this post" button (located near the top of each post) or contact a Moderator by private message if there is a problem.
  • Posts that do not contain a sentence (e.g., smilies, one-liners, "LOL", and so forth).
  • Posting information, including lists of links, tables, and statistics, without informative comments. Please explain why you are posting the information.
  • Copyrighted material such as news stories, aside from brief quotations or excerpts under fair use.
  • Commercial content, except by established members with permission of General Doom.
  • Public discussion, complaining, or contesting of Moderator's administrative actions, whether concerning oneself or another user.
  • Any post that violates or advocates violating the laws of the United States of America.

Site Administration
Malthusia is PRIVATELY OWNED. It is not a free-speech zone. Membership is a privilege. Users who wish to participate must adhere to the rules of our system and abide by our standards.

The Moderator team is responsible for day-to-day administration of users, reviewing user posting for compliance, and issuing warnings. Moderators operate under the unlimited delegated authority of the administrator. Compliance with their instructions is mandatory. Undermining their authority and failing to comply are prohibited.

The site owner, General Doom, sets general policy and editorial guidance; advises, instills, and removes Moderators; and performs technical work. General Doom supports the decisions of the Moderator team and except in extreme circumstances does not undermine their authority by reversing decisions.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Moderator, or would like to nominate someone else for the job, please send a Private Message to General Doom. Moderators work on a 100% volunteer basis.

Resolving Problems
Resolve technical problems by posting a message in the Technical Support forum.

Resolve problems with a particular post by reporting it with the "Report this post" button.

Resolve problems with other members by placing them on your foe list. This will prevent their posts from being displayed. You can also set up Private Message rules to automatically delete incoming messages from your foes.

Resolve problems with Moderators by contacting General Doom by Private Message.

Contacting the Staff
Use the "Report this post" button (located near the top of each post) to contact the first available Moderator regarding a particular post or thread. You may also send a private message to either General Doom or any Moderator by clicking the "Send private message" link within their profiles.

Member Blogs
Established members may start a blog on Malthusia with approval of the site owner. If you would like to start a blog, please contact General Doom by Private Message. Note that the list of Prohibited Content above also applies to blogs, although members with blogs will be granted more leeway as far as setting the tone of their own blogs relative to posts on the public forums. Members with blogs have the ability and authority to select who can and cannot view and comment on their own blogs.