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My new exercise routine and garden bed

Permanent Linkby strider3700 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:59 pm

The heatwave around here has finally broken long enough for me to get caught up on some of the outstanding chores so today I took on a new project that I'll need.

Since it's a brutal amount of work I've decided it's my official exercise routine. I'm not really sure what used to be in the first area but it's got a ton of rocks and some parts have that black weed blocking cloth about 6" down. Anyways total crap for a garden other then the fact that it's slightly slopping to the south and right now gets 6 hours of sun. As soon as I remove the tree in it that area will get all day sun.

Here's what the ground looks like in general
Like I said lots of rock.

Now I've done lots of reading about various methods of gardening without digging but to be honest I'm old school and like nice clean soil to garden in. Besides I can't imagine lasagna gardening in this and aiming for root crops. it would be hell digging them out.

So I started a small project and built a sieve.
The wire screen is 1/4" It's simple 2x4 construction with some 1/2" plywood to hold the wire mesh in place.

Anyways an hour later I had done a 4' by 18" by 1' deep part. The resulting soil is so much better it's entirely worth the effort.
I filled two garbage cans with rock in that hour.
At this pace the first part of the garden will be done in about 30 hours.... But man is that soil nice.

On a totally different subject this arrived one day while I was out.
There will be a nice long post about it eventually.

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Re: My new exercise routine and garden bed

Permanent Linkby PastPower on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:24 am

Nice work on the rock shaker. Did you end up saving the rocks for use in other areas such as a pond?
Thank you for understanding sarcasm, I *REALLY* appreciate it.
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