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What if things can only get worse

Permanent Linkby strider3700 on Sat Aug 08, 2009 2:19 am

I'm a fan of the tv show "Top Gear", every summer and winter I get 6 or 7 hours of people doing things I'll never be able to do driving cars I'll certainly never own, will almost certainly never touch and I probably won't even see in person. To me it's entertaining, the humor can be good and the editing is the best I ever see on TV.

Tonight I watched the 7th and last episode of the 13th series(season) which originally aired 5 days ago. It was all your standard top gear stuff until the last 4 minutes. They always end either with a final quick car review or the continuation of some challenge they are in, then a quick joke so the host can say they'll "end on that bombshell" and then credits.

Today was different.

It was a car review, but not like any other review I've ever seen them do. Here's the clip

As much as you may not care about super cars and ultra high performance I do think he had a good point.

It's possible to argue forever about is that the best car ever made, and no one arguing either way would ever be right but he probably is right that vehicles like that are probably coming to the point of being the best they will ever be.

And that is very sad.

Not because cars won't keep getting needlessly faster and more insanely powerful and expensive, but because

Now we all are forced to come to terms with decline eventually. No matter what that boflex commercial says I'll never be in the best shape of my life sometime in the future. that time was almost 15 years ago, when I was 18. No amount of exercise, practice or even surgery will put my knees back together enough to run like I used to. Close maybe, but it won't be the best. And even if you haven't found your limits and discovered they are shrinking yet just watch TV long enough and see your hero's get old and retire. Emit Smith won how many superbowls and then ended up on dancing with the stars? Watch any of Ali's fights and then see him today. We all get old eventually and in the end everything fails. On a personal level many of us fight this inevitability but deep down we know it's a lost cause.

I've at this time come to terms with personal decline. I don't need to spend that money trying to grow hair in the bald spot and replacing both knees so that I can play soccer again isn't worth it. Instead I have a daughter, and I will do everything I can to help her succeed. Her and my other possible offspring are my best chance at immortality.

But getting back to my original point on the decline of cars I find this to be a far most difficult event to come to terms with. Not cars specifically, they are just an example, but modern society in general. I know all the issues and evil that modern society has caused. I'm completely aware that it can't go on forever, I am after all a member of this board. When it comes to our society however, I'm like those 60 year old ladies getting boob jobs and face lifts trying to pretend things aren't getting worse. I want to believe that all of our issues can be solved and things will continue to improve. Society doesn't have to have a life expectancy or a best before date after all, it's not alive right? Or is there something out there creating societies version of errors in cell reproduction or mold growing on the bread. Is the car thing, or the loss of concord or the end of the moon landings not an example of a lack of will for our society but an actual example of our inability to re achieve these events. How long before we give up humans in space entirely? What about flying, or even driving? What about our modern medicine with our MRI's and heart lung machines or even our X-rays?

As messed up as our current world is it's probably going away before too long in the grand scheme of things.

I find that very sad.

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Re: What if things can only get worse

Permanent Linkby Straker on Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:42 pm

I don't mourn supercars anymore than I mourn Hummer, especially when I read youtube comments like this one:

"Yes super cars may live on, but i think his point was cars like this amazing aston have a soal. The engine is its heart. I dont want to drive along to a faint whoosh of an eletric motor. Its boring.
No its not the last Top Gear.... Thankfully.

Yes nearly of the global warming shit is lies, and those lies are killing what fun there is to be had in this world. Its really sad."

Jeremy Clarkson is a dick.
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