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The tax man cometh

Permanent Linkby wisconsin_cur on Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:28 am

I hate to say it but I am about to reach the point in my preparation for the future where the maintance on what I have done requires enough of my reserves of time and energy that I am severly limited in what new undertakings I would like to embrace. Weeds have overtaken 30% of the garden. Walking onions need to be divided. I am way behind in splitting and stacking firewood for the coming winter. Several projects I had slatted for this year, I am now realizing, will not be started, let alone brought to completion.

What am I to do? The question arises because the issue has as much to do with a depletion of my "get up and go" as it does a strict limitation of time and resources. I sleep more on my weekends home, drink coffee later and call it a day earlier. I am just drained of the willingness to tackle something new or at least the new that requires planning for the absolute worse case scenerio.

Consequently I am planning and working for the "not as bad" scenerio. I am maknig plans on how to generate enough income in a powerdown world to pay my taxes and buy those goods which I cannot make rather than planning on living in a world without a tax gathering authority and doing without any good I cannot produce for an extended period of time. The bride and I have made a plan. Depending upon how the personal debit and credit stream flows the next few months we will begin to invest for it. The plan is bees.

Looking at maps and google earth I have identified areas where bee yards could be located that are sufficient distance from my own yard yet would be a managable bicycle ride for the regular inspections. A truck would only need to be driven to the yards 2-3 times per year and to take the product to market (although this could also conceivablly be done by bicycle). But to go from very small scale to making enough to market is a signifcant change and we are not rushing in too quick but neither are we putting off until tomorrow. It is fun to think and plan about something which gives some joy and hope; even if the impetus was fear of the tax man.


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