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Confusion reigns

Permanent Linkby Jack on Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:29 pm

Do you ever observe things that make you stop, wonder what universe you're in, and conclude you're not in Kansas anymore? I do that, perhaps too often.

Today, I talked with two people in a seriously upscale neighborhood (houses from $500,000 up to $10,000,000 and more) who were trying to get estimates done for some work. One was for landscaping, and the other was for a burglar alarm. Neither one could get companies to even give them an estimate - and they're both nice folks, so it isn't a matter of attitude. If we're in a bad economy, if people are hurting for work or business - why on Earth can't people even get an estimate on some work they want done? Curious.

Another person I talked to manages a restaurant. He can't get people to show up on time consistently, and they won't do the various tasks they're supposed to do. The applicants and employees are simply not willing to do they job for which they are paid. In a bad economy? With high unemployment? Curious.

And still another location consistently opens late. Why? Because a low-level employee won't show up on time - consistently. It costs them business. It's a fast-food franchise, and the employee isn't a relative of the owner. Now why is this tolerated? And why doesn't the employee discern that such behavior may not contribute to a long-term career? Curious.

My take? By and large, no one accepts that we're on the threshold of doom. They choose to believe that the good times will roll, and they will do fine.

Reality, when it sets in, is likely to be wrenching.

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Re: Confusion reigns

Permanent Linkby salom on Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:22 am

Yes Jack I've noticed exactly what you describe. When I start calling around for goods and services you would think that sales people would be bum-rushing my door. Instead I've noted just the opposite. It's harder to get any visible progress from anyone!

Most of the decision makers I work with have been in full-stop mode. None of them know what's coming next, and most are very risk averse and in cash hoarding mode (those that have cash that is...)

Some folks appear to be just on permanent break these days. Quite a few humans only have two modes: "run/stop" and without a decision maker to prod them along they will default to "stop" mode. No one's pushing very hard these days, from what I can see.

Then there's the doomer group. These are the people that are somewhere along the path to accepting our collective fate. Some are in denial, and are currently suffering from the related stress that results when your rational mind is at war with your emotional mind. This can be a debilitating process and often hard to spot.

We'll begin(continue) to see collective anger on the up-trend as denial breaks down. The next serious energy spike will bring great risk of backlash, and that spike will come. I'd wager better than even odds that the next round will include "gas riots" in various places.

The depressed segment of the group is at home in bed. They aren't working.

That leaves the precious few of us that have come around to resolute action without much help!
"As America slides relentlessly into the Long Emergency, a deliberate and equally relentless pursuit of peace must be embraced by all that are able, as it is peace itself that will be under endless attack." -- Mikey D.
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Re: Confusion reigns

Permanent Linkby TWilliam on Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:48 pm

I suspect that a large part of the 'lazy employee' epidemic can be blamed on the indulgent parenting and 'self-esteem' movement of the past few decades. Too many kids have been raised lately with little to no understanding or even experience of accountability. We've had parents for awhile now who are loathe to apply any sort of negative feedback when rearing their young, apparently failing to recognize its essential role in providing guidance...
We all feed on tragedy; it's like blood to a vampire. Vicariously, I live, while the whole world dies. Much better you than I. ~ Tool, Vicarious
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