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Cognitive Dissonance

Permanent Linkby Jack on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:25 pm

A formal definition is HERE

In essence, it is the requirement to function according to a set of concepts that one doesn't agree with or regards as false. A lot of people face that challenge, not just Peak Oil types. Much of our society recognizes that the train is well and truly off the tracks, and that life in the future is likely to be worse than it is today. At the same time, the mass media, along with social pressure, emphasize optimism. In essence, Americans are told to save more and to shop - contradictory behaviors - at the same time.

And the consequences? Perhaps the mild (or not so mild) craziness we observe has its roots within the disparity between reality and the required behavior patterns. We might reflect on how such trends might develop.

Organizational leaders, from the top on down, owe their first allegiance to the organization. Some take care of themselves first, of course, but their actions will proceed in the same channel as the ideal case. To keep our national (and global?) enterprise going, the mass of people must remain convinced that the existing system is viable and will remain so indefinitely. Should that delusion evaporate, markets fail. Whether real estate or bond, commodity or stock, all depend on maintaining a set of beliefs.

From this, two predictions.

First, Peak Oil in its full reality will never be admitted. Technical peak oil may be; however, leaders will add that some alternative or development will negate all adverse effects.

Second, the craziness will get worse as the gap between reality and the illusion expands.

In such an environment, staying safe is no small task.
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