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Doom, fresh & hot, right off the griddle

Permanent Linkby Jack on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:48 am

We talk often of oil, the environment, food supply, and the consequences of exponential growth. All are important. And yet, there is a variable that I have not contemplated as often as, perhaps, I might. That is the human variable - and it is, I think, the underlying reason why a high percentage of the global population is inescapably doomed.

I dropped by a fast-food place - the specifics of who and where are unimportant. It is no different than thousands - perhaps millions - of other small businesses with a product to sell, a few employees, and some customers. I had timed my arrival for their opening time. They opened 15 minutes late, only a bit worse than usual. The reason was that an employee had not come in - he finally showed up 25 minutes late. The person operating the register made a mess of the order and had to get help from the manager to fix it. And then, they made a minor error in filling the order.

So here in Texas we have an 8% unemployment rate, and yet the employees do not feel sufficiently motivated to show up or open on time. Apparently, management is either unable or unwilling to accomplish such a simple goal.

Now consider - we are approaching the post-peak era. It will, by all accounts, be a demanding time when we will all put forth more effort to simply maintain our current position. Both businesses and individuals will face relentless pressure, and those who fail will find themselves in difficult circumstances. And yet, the employees described above are legion. We might ask ourselves how such individuals will adapt when they discover that their previous performance no longer suffices. Will they lie down and await doom, supine and unresponsive? Or will they explode in mindless anarchy, destroying that which they do not begin to understand? And what will a newly-poor society do with those who are unwilling and unable to support themselves?

I think our society is in for a rude awakening. At the least, that will include a financial depression to rival the 1929 event. I do not think that the incompetent and sullen among us will participate in a new society of hard work and shared sacrifice - rather, they will turn to more destructive solutions. And thus, the human factor within the equation will seal our doom and assure the demise of billions.

Happy Sunday! :dance:

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