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Book IV: Stone Warriors by eastbay on Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:17 pm
I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter Three of Book IV, "Stone Warriors."

He told CJ the story of that day in early March when six brave explorers from Corbett walked up the Columbia River Gorge to meet the people living by Bonneville Dam. It was during the fourth winter after civilization fell apart. The cliffs lining the mighty river were topped with the white remnants of the recent fierce early February snowstorm. It was a rare sunny day, yet the air was cool, not quite freezing, with a typical yet annoying sharp wind whipping down the river from the east.

The brilliant late morning sun was now tucked away, barely hidden behind the bluffs to their right, trying unsuccessfully to shine on the damp, mossy lanes of the shaded freeway, which traced the south side of the riverbank. Near the shore, a hungry sea lion feasted on a sturgeon, attracting a flock of sea gulls to scavenge the remains. Three young eagles circled above, their wings barely moving as they surveyed their...

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If confronted by a mob, by wisconsin_cur on Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:04 am
I heard the question asked recently, how do you defend yourself from a mob. Assuming you have done your best (and failed) to avoid the mob, I see the options as:

1. Turn and run (flight)

This will engage the prey drive of the crowd. they will think they got you if they can only catch you. How big is the crowd and what percentile of the population can you out run? I'm not an avid runner but still in good shape, at least for the first mile or so. When I was tested for a job (self-selection bias at work here since only people who were willing to be tested in their 1 mile time applied) I was in the top 90%. So lets say for the population as a whole I'm in the top 5%. If there are 20 people, the odds are good that at least one of them will catch me.

I am also of the age where I will begin slowing even if I start to run more for exercise. Another question is if I have the lead...

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Buck, a Survivor of the Shut Down by eastbay on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:45 pm
Deleted the rough first few chapters, just like last time.

The book is done, submitted and should be on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and available through major bookstores this spring.

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Reflection on something lost by Jack on Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:46 am
I'm not usually into poetry, but this reminds me of what we've lost. It's been years since I've seen one of these -

Monarchs of the 70s
By Sheila E Sanchez Hatch

More astounding than snow in south Texas
was that one October; years ago
when San Antonio awoke to a butterfly dawn.

We kids ran out to yards
and streets lit up with them.
And, across the school grounds,
it seemed every tree leaf
on every oak held an orange blossom.
The merry-go-rounds,
the fence railings, and water fountains,
our scarves and coats,
even our amazed faces became landings
for those flying flowers.

Some of them flit around
like snowflakes in autumn,
tattered and worn they fell
to the ground and the wind
scattered them about like
fall leaves.

Why did they go so far away
that only a few would ever return?

The English and math lessons of that day
are like the distant phases of the moon now.
Although, one mention
of the monarchs flying to Mexico
that October, makes our hearts start beating

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Ten Years and Done Waiting by wisconsin_cur on Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:50 am
On September 11th 2001 my wife and I arrived home from night shifts at a metropolitan hospital to the news that one of the two towers of the World Trade Center was burning. We followed events closely until we watched the North Tower collapse at 930, a mere ninety minutes later. After a few moments passed she asked, "What now?" "We go to bed," I replied, "we don't know what will be asked of us when we arrive at work tonight or how long it will be asked of us."

With the very notable exception of our men and women in uniform, most of us are still waiting to say "yes" if asked to serve our country or sacrifice for the good of our fellow citizens. The nation is divided because we lack a common vision for a better tomorrow. We are not tackling the problems that face us because our leaders do not think us brave enough, strong enough or, perhaps, smart enough to face them. That day taught us that we are not immune to the realities or dangers of a world...

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