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My New Ridge and Furrow No-till Crop System by rangerone314 on Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:50 am
Idea of a system of permanent(untilled) ridges with furrows in between.

3-4' ridges, each block 4' long
3' furrows
4 Furrow blocks + 4 Ridge blocks=1 "SECTOR" = 7'x16' = 112sqFt

21 weeks of compost available, 8x32galcompost(1 mulch)=5,376gal p/year
22,000sqFt=196 sectors, 40 sectors per year @ 5,000 gal/year mulch, @ 4 cans (128 gal) compost per sector
estimate 6 hrs per sector: 45 min to de-turf, 2 hrs to dig-out, 3 hrs to mix in compost, 15 min to level

In a given year, the # of NEW sectors to be created (added on to existing)
April=6 May=7 June=7 July=7 Aug=7 Sept=6 Thus it would take 5 years to cultivate 1/2 acre fully.

The ridges are to have 4 alternating blocks:
#1) amaranth
#2) 20 corn/pole legumes
#3) bush legumes
#4) okra/sweet & hot peppers/tansy with on the slope
Green purslane & squash/watermelons/cantelope/cucumbers for the slopes of the ridges...

The furrows should have 4 alternating blocks also:
#1) potatoes & bush beans
#2) quinoa
#3) sweet...

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Why there will be no meaningful social response in the West by wisconsin_cur on Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:23 pm
True Story:

A friend of mine once went to a "company meeting" where many many cuts were announced. The presenter from the front office brought charts and graphs. My friend brought a legal pad, a pencil and a basic understanding of math.

After the presentation, when all of the cuts were announced, my friend preceded to ask questions. The questions were good. The questions illustrated that neither the truth of the cost to the employees was made clear nor were the reasons given forth-coming. Through the use of percentages (instead of whole numbers) and vast oversimplfications ("this part of the budget includes things like the Christmas party" when it is 10% of the budget being cut and no one would say what else was in that part of the budget and being cut). The fact that the employees were not being told about many cuts to their insurance and salary and that there were to be salary increases for top management was met by crickets.

After my friend's presentation...

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Reflection on something lost by Jack on Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:46 am
I'm not usually into poetry, but this reminds me of what we've lost. It's been years since I've seen one of these -

Monarchs of the 70s
By Sheila E Sanchez Hatch

More astounding than snow in south Texas
was that one October; years ago
when San Antonio awoke to a butterfly dawn.

We kids ran out to yards
and streets lit up with them.
And, across the school grounds,
it seemed every tree leaf
on every oak held an orange blossom.
The merry-go-rounds,
the fence railings, and water fountains,
our scarves and coats,
even our amazed faces became landings
for those flying flowers.

Some of them flit around
like snowflakes in autumn,
tattered and worn they fell
to the ground and the wind
scattered them about like
fall leaves.

Why did they go so far away
that only a few would ever return?

The English and math lessons of that day
are like the distant phases of the moon now.
Although, one mention
of the monarchs flying to Mexico
that October, makes our hearts start beating

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Gay Evangelicals by smallpoxgirl on Fri Jul 03, 2009 8:08 pm
Now I've seen everything.

I was at Seattle's pride parade last weekend. Among the entries were maybe ten GLBT friendly churches. OK. No big deal. One of the entries, though was from a church called "Living Water". This struck me as an oddly evangelical name for a pride parade entrant. It struck me even more oddly when their members after the parade were passing out fake money with a racial caricature of Obama, the church's name, and vitriolic attacks on abortion. So I did some research today. It turns out not only is Living Water a gay friendly evangelical church, but there is a whole movement of gay evangelicals. For example Evangelicals Concerned Inc. "Proclaiming the Good News of God's Love for Gay and Lesbian People" I thought I'd seen it all: environmentalist nazis, log cabin republicans. I've got to say, I'm pretty perplexed by the idea of gay evangelicals. In any version of American evangelical...

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City hypocrites and their little bylaw kingdoms by strider3700 on Fri Jul 10, 2009 6:32 pm
One of the things I'll have to get used to when I move into town is paying not just for garbage collection but also for water and sewage. At my current home my water comes from a spring which I have a lease on. It's roughly $107 every 3 years. For this price I get 500 gallons/day and need to do whatever I want with the water. In my case that involves maintaining the spring, the 1000' or so of line to the house the filter system and everything else. In town I get a tiered system where the lowest tier is 0-145 gallons/day and the highest is 1097-infinity gallons/day Thankfully there is a huge jump in cost between these two cases and there is 4 steps in between. Still some rough calculations on if I was to get the equivalent amount of water from the city as I'm allowed here would have me paying roughly 30 times as much as I currently do.

It's obvious that I'll need to actually care about my water usage at the new place. My first thought was low flow dual flush toilets and...

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