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The tax man cometh by wisconsin_cur on Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:28 am
I hate to say it but I am about to reach the point in my preparation for the future where the maintance on what I have done requires enough of my reserves of time and energy that I am severly limited in what new undertakings I would like to embrace. Weeds have overtaken 30% of the garden. Walking onions need to be divided. I am way behind in splitting and stacking firewood for the coming winter. Several projects I had slatted for this year, I am now realizing, will not be started, let alone brought to completion.

What am I to do? The question arises because the issue has as much to do with a depletion of my "get up and go" as it does a strict limitation of time and resources. I sleep more on my weekends home, drink coffee later and call it a day earlier. I am just drained of the willingness to tackle something new or at least the new that requires planning for the absolute worse case scenerio.

Consequently I am planning and working for the "not as bad" scenerio....

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The Bridge by wisconsin_cur on Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:56 am
A few weeks ago construction unceramoniously threw me off of the interstate and back into the neighborhoods of Minneapolis/St. Paul. As I followed my route and drove through a very nice (and expensive) neighborhood of St. Paul. I enjoyed the older, modest bet very well kept homes of that upper 10% of the metropolitian area which chooses to live within the traditional boundaries of St. Paul. Had I driven through at a different time the scenic path near the river would be full of beautiful people jogging and biking, talking and sauntering. All fairly oblivious to their privlidge and what lays beyond the natural boundary that I was seeking to cross.

Crossing the river into Minneapolis one immedietly enters a space of high rise apartments occupied, primarily, by immigrants. Three hundred yards from executives, consultants, tenured professors, lawyers and surgeons live cab drivers, hospital cleaning staff and the lady who gets you your latte.

On one side of the bridge are the people...

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The Virtue of an Oil Change by wisconsin_cur on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:33 pm
It is a shame that, for the most part, we have stopped changing our own oil. I'm not saying thing itself is so important, but rather the virtue that arises from doing such a small, technically simple but high consequence task for one's self. Changing oil is a straight-forward affair, within reach nearly everyone. When it is completed, one is left with the consequences of their own work. If you forget to put on the filter and oil spills to the ground as you re-fill it, there is no one to blame but the mechanic. If the plug comes loose after forty miles, there is no one to sue but the person swearing in the rear view mirror.

He who changes his own oil also comes face to face with his own waste in a manner that is all too rare these days. Dirty oil must be placed in a bottle of some sort, usually the empties your new oil came in, and carried with all its weight and volume to be recycled. It does not magically disappear like when the speedy lube does the job while you drink coffee and watch...

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When heros are murdered. by smallpoxgirl on Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:10 pm
Crazy Horse. Martin Luther King. Malcolm X. Harvey Milk. George Tiller. Our heros reflect the best in us. Our strength. Our passion. Our ability to see the heart of the issue and speak to that heart. Our willingness to risk everything to fight for what is right. When those heros are murdered, it's as though that which is best in us dies with them.

George Tiller was to abortion providers, what Harvey Milk was to the gay community or Malcolm X to the black community. He, more than anyone I ever met was able to articulate the heart and the compassion of our work. George was a devout Christian. In every way he embodied the Christian principal "Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for another." George lived for decades with the knowledge that his life could be ended by bigots any time. His clinic was bombed and was repeatedly vandalized. He was shot and threats against his life became a daily routine. Despite all that, I never once heard George...

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Media Review: The John Batchelor Show by wisconsin_cur on Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:26 am
The John Batchelor Show (Monday - Sunday from 9 PM-1 AM) is an essential tool for understanding the new order in the 21st Century. Each week John brings 77 WABC listeners breaking news with a carefully cultivated team of sources and correspondents around the world, providing information long before it hits the mainstream media. Described by some as a cross between Matt Drudge and Coast to Coast, The John Batchelor Show is for the thoughtful listener who wants to understand the major players in the great ideological battle of the new millennium.

WABC Radio

I discovered John Batchelor on accident. Flipping through the stations on my satellite radio one night I came across his voice, tuned in for a while and was hooked. I have since traded in the satellite radio for an MP3 play but still make listening to the show a regular part of my week.

What I find most annoying...

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