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I see dead people by wisconsin_cur on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:36 am
Occasionally you read something that permanently changes your outlook. Maybe you forget the exact argument that made an impression on you. Maybe you forget the book or the author but the change remains and it is forever. This happens to me, on average, about once a year; usually from books but, on occasion, on the internet. One such example is from just a little over a year ago and it can be found here.

I see them every day. One is reading the paper on the same desk that my feet are propped up on as I type this sentence. He just got done taking his multitude of pain and diabetic medications, washing them down with a gas station burrito. I see dead people.

Another co-worker this evening was telling me about how her family (husband and adult children) would not eat meat loaf if she put black beans in it (which I had brought to work), how they never eat...

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Media Review: The John Batchelor Show by wisconsin_cur on Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:26 am
The John Batchelor Show (Monday - Sunday from 9 PM-1 AM) is an essential tool for understanding the new order in the 21st Century. Each week John brings 77 WABC listeners breaking news with a carefully cultivated team of sources and correspondents around the world, providing information long before it hits the mainstream media. Described by some as a cross between Matt Drudge and Coast to Coast, The John Batchelor Show is for the thoughtful listener who wants to understand the major players in the great ideological battle of the new millennium.

WABC Radio

I discovered John Batchelor on accident. Flipping through the stations on my satellite radio one night I came across his voice, tuned in for a while and was hooked. I have since traded in the satellite radio for an MP3 play but still make listening to the show a regular part of my week.

What I find most annoying...

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Cognitive Dissonance by Jack on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:25 pm
A formal definition is HERE

In essence, it is the requirement to function according to a set of concepts that one doesn't agree with or regards as false. A lot of people face that challenge, not just Peak Oil types. Much of our society recognizes that the train is well and truly off the tracks, and that life in the future is likely to be worse than it is today. At the same time, the mass media, along with social pressure, emphasize optimism. In essence, Americans are told to save more and to shop - contradictory behaviors - at the same time.

And the consequences? Perhaps the mild (or not so mild) craziness we observe has its roots within the disparity between reality and the required behavior patterns. We might reflect on how such trends might develop.

Organizational leaders, from the top on down, owe their first allegiance to the organization. Some take care of themselves first, of course,...

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Anxiety Dreams by wisconsin_cur on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:57 pm
High School ended half of my life ago. Then and now, I was a good test taker and fair student over all. I have never been anxious about passing a test or course. I have never pulled an "all-nighter" to try to get prepared for an exam. I overslept for an exam once because I stayed up to late the night before playing Euchre. I arrived 40 minutes after the test began and politely asked to be allowed to take the exam. I got straight to work on the essays and 40 minutes later found myself to be the first person done. It was for a 300 level English History Class and I got an A on the exam.

So why is it that I am now having anxiety dreams about High School Triganomotry? I never took Trig, let alone with "Mrs. M." my high school math teacher. Yet in the dream I find myself one week before graduation remembering that I was suppose to be in that course all year but instead of attending the course I spent the time... somewhere, nowhere, in a kind of limbo of my own choosing....

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If AGW is a hoax, by wisconsin_cur on Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:41 pm
we will all, after a fashion, be worse off.

It has long been my contention that homo sapien will respond to a return to the steel grip of scarcity by turning on one another: nation against nation, tribe against tribe, a father against his son, daughters against their mothers. This may be unavoidable but we each have an individual interest in seeing this manifestation of scarcity postponed as long as possible.

While there are thing that an individual or family can do to insulate themselves from the social cannibalism to come, no one is truly safe. The greater the distance between the breakdown in civility and the new equilibrium which will emerge the greater our exposure to risk. We will be thrust into a game of Russian Roulette. We are fools if we think we want to play any longer than forced to.

If anthropological global warming turns out to be a fatally flawed premise we can expect the forces of anti-intellectualism to strengthen their hand and it will...

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