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Cognitive Dissonance by Jack on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:25 pm
A formal definition is HERE

In essence, it is the requirement to function according to a set of concepts that one doesn't agree with or regards as false. A lot of people face that challenge, not just Peak Oil types. Much of our society recognizes that the train is well and truly off the tracks, and that life in the future is likely to be worse than it is today. At the same time, the mass media, along with social pressure, emphasize optimism. In essence, Americans are told to save more and to shop - contradictory behaviors - at the same time.

And the consequences? Perhaps the mild (or not so mild) craziness we observe has its roots within the disparity between reality and the required behavior patterns. We might reflect on how such trends might develop.

Organizational leaders, from the top on down, owe their first allegiance to the organization. Some take care of themselves first, of course,...

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New home, new light bulbs, new clothesline, new garden area by strider3700 on Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:39 am
I've moved. I got the keys 5 days ago and thanks to some last minute legal issues on the move this is easily the most stressful thing I've ever gone through. Getting married and the birth of my daughter aren't even close to comparing to what happened Friday.

Anyways I have done a few things that some of you may find interesting. Out front of the house is a pretty typical little garden. A few crappy bushes and a bunch of very dry and silty soil. Since that area gets sun from 10:30 till 6:30 or so I figured it might as well have something useful growing there. A quick trip to the local nursery got me a couple of massively over grown tomato plants in 1 gallon containers for $5. They threw in a sickly but may make it with some babying cucumber and I picked up a few bags of mushroom manure since they are out of steer manure. I added a couple of pumpkins that I had in pots and then threw in a row of peas along the back, some carrots, onions, beets, and salad greens filled most the...

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Publlic Lecture ~2 hours by wisconsin_cur on Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:03 pm
London School of Economic Lecture on the politics of peak oil (and climate change)

The Government of Uncertainty: how to follow the politics of oil
Speaker: Professor Tim Mitchell
Chair: Dr Sam Ashenden
This event was recorded on 15 October 2009 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
This lecture explores the politics of oil and how we can seek to understand it, at a time when uncertainty is presenting new challenges to the claims of objective knowledge. Tim Mitchell is professor of Arab studies at Columbia University, New York. Sam Ashenden is managing editor of Economy and Society and senior lecturer in Sociology, Birkbeck College.


I have only listened to the first 30 minutes of this...

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Math even a Journalist should be able to understand by wisconsin_cur on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:21 am
Through the week I listen to at least 90 minutes of Bloomberg radio every day. I became a regular listener when I noticed that they reported the 7/7 bombings in London 30 - 40 minutes before CNN and other outlets had anything helpful to say. I stay because the morning interview show (Bloomberg Surveillance) is often genuinely helpful and smart, even when I disagree with the guest.

This morning, however, I had blood coming out of my ears. It is not what they were saying as they, like every other news outlet talked of BP's "giant" oil strike in the Gulf of Mexico, it what was being left unsaid.

The story as told in the Financial Times

BP, the UK energy group, has discovered a “giant” oilfield in the Gulf of Mexico that shows a new frontier opening up for US oil production.

The Tiber field, in more than 1,200m of water about 250...

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My New Ridge and Furrow No-till Crop System by rangerone314 on Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:50 am
Idea of a system of permanent(untilled) ridges with furrows in between.

3-4' ridges, each block 4' long
3' furrows
4 Furrow blocks + 4 Ridge blocks=1 "SECTOR" = 7'x16' = 112sqFt

21 weeks of compost available, 8x32galcompost(1 mulch)=5,376gal p/year
22,000sqFt=196 sectors, 40 sectors per year @ 5,000 gal/year mulch, @ 4 cans (128 gal) compost per sector
estimate 6 hrs per sector: 45 min to de-turf, 2 hrs to dig-out, 3 hrs to mix in compost, 15 min to level

In a given year, the # of NEW sectors to be created (added on to existing)
April=6 May=7 June=7 July=7 Aug=7 Sept=6 Thus it would take 5 years to cultivate 1/2 acre fully.

The ridges are to have 4 alternating blocks:
#1) amaranth
#2) 20 corn/pole legumes
#3) bush legumes
#4) okra/sweet & hot peppers/tansy with on the slope
Green purslane & squash/watermelons/cantelope/cucumbers for the slopes of the ridges...

The furrows should have 4 alternating blocks also:
#1) potatoes & bush beans
#2) quinoa
#3) sweet...

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