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Maintaining Peace Through Doom by salom on Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:41 am
As America wanders it's way deeper into the Long Emergency there will be a never-ending erosion of access to goods and services that we've enjoyed in uninterrupted supply since World War II. An entire generation... no, make that two or three generations... have enjoyed near limitless access to the best the world has to offer.

As that access erodes away, it will disturb the peace at every level. Individuals won't be able to enjoy this or that particular item that they've always been able to find, and they will be disturbed. Every public and private entity will continue to cut services, as they have already started to do, and they will continue onward into the future.

Once this inevitability is accepted, "doom" if you will, then the best response is to adopt an attitude of peace, or just the opposite of what we see being disturbed everywhere we look these days. Once you accept the concept that perpetual growth is over,...

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Haves versus Have Nots by Jack on Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:22 am
I viewed a discussion at viewtopic.php?f=23&t=191&start=540 that amused - but then, I have a macabre sense of humor. In essence, one side suggested that "the community" will voluntarily help each other, while the other side indicated that the haves were not, in their view, providing for the have-nots.

My first thought was Norse Greenland colony, alluding to Jared Diamond's Collapse. There, the haves took care of the have-nots - and, in the end, they all starved to death as they froze in the dark. On Easter Island, they fought - true, there was, apparently, a die-off of 95%, but the remnants survived. It seems that cooperation may be less effective than competition.

On further reflection, the issue of haves versus have-nots is not a binary condition. Rather, there is a distribution curve of means. For each of us, some are more affluent, some are...

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New home, new light bulbs, new clothesline, new garden area by strider3700 on Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:39 am
I've moved. I got the keys 5 days ago and thanks to some last minute legal issues on the move this is easily the most stressful thing I've ever gone through. Getting married and the birth of my daughter aren't even close to comparing to what happened Friday.

Anyways I have done a few things that some of you may find interesting. Out front of the house is a pretty typical little garden. A few crappy bushes and a bunch of very dry and silty soil. Since that area gets sun from 10:30 till 6:30 or so I figured it might as well have something useful growing there. A quick trip to the local nursery got me a couple of massively over grown tomato plants in 1 gallon containers for $5. They threw in a sickly but may make it with some babying cucumber and I picked up a few bags of mushroom manure since they are out of steer manure. I added a couple of pumpkins that I had in pots and then threw in a row of peas along the back, some carrots, onions, beets, and salad greens filled most the...

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A Personal Reflection on Conceal Carry by wisconsin_cur on Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:23 am
On November 1, 2011 the citizens of Wisconsin will be able to apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon and I am glad. I have no intention of carrying on a regular basis, at least not initially, but I do think that I will attend the class and apply for the license. Moreover, I think I can even convince my wife to attend and get her own license as well. I want to contribute to the movement that made conceal carry legal in this state because I believe in the right of people to legally carry; even if, in the end, I decide to never carry myself. This path is not without personal risk though, admittedly, a very personal kind of risk.

I can see myself carrying in some specific situations, mostly involving the possibility of bear or badger at some seculded apiary. This may, however, change with on-going training, personal evolution and world events. I would be very surprised to see my wife ever carry and I would have reservations about her doing so. Her instincts are rather passive...

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If AGW is a hoax, by wisconsin_cur on Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:41 pm
we will all, after a fashion, be worse off.

It has long been my contention that homo sapien will respond to a return to the steel grip of scarcity by turning on one another: nation against nation, tribe against tribe, a father against his son, daughters against their mothers. This may be unavoidable but we each have an individual interest in seeing this manifestation of scarcity postponed as long as possible.

While there are thing that an individual or family can do to insulate themselves from the social cannibalism to come, no one is truly safe. The greater the distance between the breakdown in civility and the new equilibrium which will emerge the greater our exposure to risk. We will be thrust into a game of Russian Roulette. We are fools if we think we want to play any longer than forced to.

If anthropological global warming turns out to be a fatally flawed premise we can expect the forces of anti-intellectualism to strengthen their hand and it will...

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