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Bodies piling up? by Jack on Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:10 pm
Yes - because neither the county nor the families can afford to bury them.

More Details

Granted, this is Detroit. But it notes that bodies are abandoned in LA as well.

If we, as a society, cannot afford to bury the dead, we face the harsh question of whether we can put together the substantial capital to mitigate peak oil. IEEE Spectrum calculated that to replace oil, the world would need to build about 52 nuclear power plants a year - every year - for 50 years.

Diagram Here

Will the economy improve such that capital formation is solved by some miracle? Probably not. We had a 25 year bull market, and it seems to have broken down. Normal outcomes suggest a decline of about 6-8 years, and to levels lower than we say in March. Much lower.

And that means - forget...

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Buck, a Survivor of the Shut Down by eastbay on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:45 pm
Deleted the rough first few chapters, just like last time.

The book is done, submitted and should be on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and available through major bookstores this spring.

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The fragile web by Jack on Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:31 pm
Clearly, the web of supply, demand, and interconnected services is beyond the scope of a single post - or, for that matter, a single thick volume. And yet, sometimes one can glimpse the greater problem by considering a much smaller issue. Let us consider one such example.

On the NBC evening news tonight, the status of the nation's hospitals with regard to H1N1 was discussed. According to the piece, hospitals run a lean operation, with much of the equipment used by intensive care units at 95% of capacity. The discussion pointed out that this could be problematic if large numbers of people contracted H1N1 and needed care.

This tells us something else. Should there be any interruption of the normal flow of goods, the hospitals could face rapid degradation of their ability. If a piece of equipment fails, there are few (or no) reserves to stand in its place. A lean operation also suggests a dearth of spare parts. Thus, any crisis which causes health problems may overwhelm the health...

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The tax man cometh by wisconsin_cur on Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:28 am
I hate to say it but I am about to reach the point in my preparation for the future where the maintance on what I have done requires enough of my reserves of time and energy that I am severly limited in what new undertakings I would like to embrace. Weeds have overtaken 30% of the garden. Walking onions need to be divided. I am way behind in splitting and stacking firewood for the coming winter. Several projects I had slatted for this year, I am now realizing, will not be started, let alone brought to completion.

What am I to do? The question arises because the issue has as much to do with a depletion of my "get up and go" as it does a strict limitation of time and resources. I sleep more on my weekends home, drink coffee later and call it a day earlier. I am just drained of the willingness to tackle something new or at least the new that requires planning for the absolute worse case scenerio.

Consequently I am planning and working for the "not as bad" scenerio....

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I see dead people by wisconsin_cur on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:36 am
Occasionally you read something that permanently changes your outlook. Maybe you forget the exact argument that made an impression on you. Maybe you forget the book or the author but the change remains and it is forever. This happens to me, on average, about once a year; usually from books but, on occasion, on the internet. One such example is from just a little over a year ago and it can be found here.

I see them every day. One is reading the paper on the same desk that my feet are propped up on as I type this sentence. He just got done taking his multitude of pain and diabetic medications, washing them down with a gas station burrito. I see dead people.

Another co-worker this evening was telling me about how her family (husband and adult children) would not eat meat loaf if she put black beans in it (which I had brought to work), how they never eat...

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