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My new exercise routine and garden bed by strider3700 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:59 pm
The heatwave around here has finally broken long enough for me to get caught up on some of the outstanding chores so today I took on a new project that I'll need.

Since it's a brutal amount of work I've decided it's my official exercise routine. I'm not really sure what used to be in the first area but it's got a ton of rocks and some parts have that black weed blocking cloth about 6" down. Anyways total crap for a garden other then the fact that it's slightly slopping to the south and right now gets 6 hours of sun. As soon as I remove the tree in it that area will get all day sun.

Here's what the ground looks like in general
Like I said lots of rock.

Now I've done lots of reading about various methods of gardening without digging but to be honest I'm old school and like nice clean soil to garden in. Besides I can't imagine lasagna gardening...

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My New Ridge and Furrow No-till Crop System by rangerone314 on Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:50 am
Idea of a system of permanent(untilled) ridges with furrows in between.

3-4' ridges, each block 4' long
3' furrows
4 Furrow blocks + 4 Ridge blocks=1 "SECTOR" = 7'x16' = 112sqFt

21 weeks of compost available, 8x32galcompost(1 mulch)=5,376gal p/year
22,000sqFt=196 sectors, 40 sectors per year @ 5,000 gal/year mulch, @ 4 cans (128 gal) compost per sector
estimate 6 hrs per sector: 45 min to de-turf, 2 hrs to dig-out, 3 hrs to mix in compost, 15 min to level

In a given year, the # of NEW sectors to be created (added on to existing)
April=6 May=7 June=7 July=7 Aug=7 Sept=6 Thus it would take 5 years to cultivate 1/2 acre fully.

The ridges are to have 4 alternating blocks:
#1) amaranth
#2) 20 corn/pole legumes
#3) bush legumes
#4) okra/sweet & hot peppers/tansy with on the slope
Green purslane & squash/watermelons/cantelope/cucumbers for the slopes of the ridges...

The furrows should have 4 alternating blocks also:
#1) potatoes & bush beans
#2) quinoa
#3) sweet...

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Injuries by eastbay on Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:01 am
Two weeks ago I injured my left knee. I have no idea what caused it. As many of you may recall, I am a very active person biking regularly, lifting weights, jogging, and engaging in a wide variety of common exercise activities, so it could have been caused by just about anything. The area just above my kneecap started hurting out of the blue and as a result I can no longer run, bike, walk properly, or move up or down stairs without moving very slowly. So I decided to limp and assumed the pain would just go away quickly healing itself as nearly all injuries will. After all, it only hurts when I move it.

Then last Saturday morning, as I was slowly working in the back yard, my lower back unexpectedly 'gave out' and I collapsed straight to the ground. I loudly yelled out in pain and my neighbors on each side of me came running over offering aid. My daughters also ran over and I quickly explained to the growing crowd that it was not a broken bone or a cardiovascular issue and all I...

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Remote doomsteads - initial reflection by Jack on Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:02 pm
It appears that many who consider the possibility of peak oil have a doomstead some distance away - hundreds of miles at least. The premise seems to be that at some point, some level of danger, the individual(s) will go on a trek to the new location and ride out the storm, secure with freeze dried food and a variety of weapons. In essence, they have assumed both a slow, or even a gentle decline and also a uniformly graceful degradation of the system.

Let us explore these ideas. When some sort of crisis occurs, the first and natural instinct is to hoard. When people believe that something is about to happen, or has happened, they clean out the store shelves and fill their tanks with gasoline. Thus, even if the supply lines for goods and fuel are at normal levels, human reactions tend to disrupt the flow and cause shortages. The concern provoked by such occurrences exacerbates the reaction leading to panic.

Now suppose that the problem is neither brief nor immediately transitory....

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Curly top virus by General Doom on Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:04 pm
All my beautiful pepper plants seem to have curly top virus. At least that's what I think it is. I'm so disappointed, because based on what I read there's not much I can do about it at this point, and I was so looking forward to those peppers. I planted 20 different varieties, carefully selected and nurtured from seeds. They were doing great until they got about a foot high. Now all the top leaves are tiny and curly, and the plants have stopped getting bigger. Grr!

On the plus side, we do have a lot of baby cucumbers going. But my husband and son both love peppers, and I was planning to try to sell some at the co-op, too. Guess I'll have to focus on pickles instead.

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