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My new exercise routine and garden bed by strider3700 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:59 pm
The heatwave around here has finally broken long enough for me to get caught up on some of the outstanding chores so today I took on a new project that I'll need.

Since it's a brutal amount of work I've decided it's my official exercise routine. I'm not really sure what used to be in the first area but it's got a ton of rocks and some parts have that black weed blocking cloth about 6" down. Anyways total crap for a garden other then the fact that it's slightly slopping to the south and right now gets 6 hours of sun. As soon as I remove the tree in it that area will get all day sun.

Here's what the ground looks like in general
Like I said lots of rock.

Now I've done lots of reading about various methods of gardening without digging but to be honest I'm old school and like nice clean soil to garden in. Besides I can't imagine lasagna gardening...

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Surfing the energy drain by wisconsin_cur on Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:20 am
Last month I tapped a co-worker on the shoulder and she spun around and proceeded to chew me out and threaten me. A friend who I generally thought of as fairly leveled headed is starting to talk about the violent overthrow of the government. A rather non-threatening drunk woman in the E.R. is told to comply or she will be mopping up urine with her hair by a health care professional. An overweight, 50+ urbanite with joint problems and addiction prone spouse that has never grown a vegetable in her life and does not know the difference between alternating and direct current sits down to tell me how she and her husband are considering moving to the North Shore of Lake Superior. They want to buy a farm and grow all of their own food in a green house to be heated all winter long with a windmill. We are getting to the point of the economic/energy collapse where people are starting to get funny; and we should only expect it to get worse.

When I was fourteen I took a water rescue course and...

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From a Hobby to Lifestyle by wisconsin_cur on Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:13 am
I really enjoy the company of beekeepers but they are a curious lot. We form a bond of connection with a collection of insects and it is a relationship that changes us. The initial response to one's first hive is often joy and wonder. Before any of the challenges of the hobby arise, there is the amazing building and foraging of these social insects. We see them fly home with legs covered in packed pollen. We see them on our lawn and in our trees going about their work. It is fascinating and sends many a novice beekeeper, the author included, into daydreams of making a livlihood out of working with the bees. Then the obstacles arrive.

Mites, wax moths, a neighbor's pesticide use, bears, skunks, vandalism, the toll of winter, disappointing yields, the dumping of foreign honey on the American market all these and many others contrive together to break the beekeepers heart and temper the initial optimism. Perhaps the beekeeper gives up the hobby or maybe she resigns herself to be content...

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Product Review: Grabbit by wisconsin_cur on Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:38 am
So I am putzing around in the farm store looking at tarps and trying to figure out how to get a couple of jobs done when I come across a product I never noticed before:


The basic idea is that one piece "the dogbone" goes on the underside of the the tarp and a second piece slides onto the dogbone from above. Supposedly it can be used to connect two tarps together. I just used it to attach two tarps: one canvas and one plastic to a building or anything else solid.

The instructions were wanting but after squinting for several minutes at the picture on the package and about twenty minutes of failed attempts I figured out which end of the dogbone was to face out:


The big draw back is that the center hole has an air space between the plastic dogbone and...

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Climbing a wall of flak by wisconsin_cur on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:56 am
Bring up the idea that the century will end with 5-6 billion fewer people on the planet in polite company and you will hear a quiet before a storm of personal attack. The average person seems incapable of distinguishing between an evaluation of what you think will happen from what you want to happen. I have a theory about this is a result of catagory mixing which has taken place in our culture over the last century. We have, for so long, enveloped ourself in the notion that if you want something to happen you have to believe it will happen that we automatically assume that if someone believes something will happen they want it to happen. I remember getting the same flak when I openly discussed the possibility of a mass casuality terrorist attack with family in the 1990's and complained of the dangerous state of New Orleans' levees three years before Katrina.

If you want to escape a life of responding with the herd it is important to develop your own worldview, your own perception...

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