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Sometimes I feel like I'm living 2 lives at once. One life is in the here and now, raising my son to be as successful and happy as possible if business as usual continues. The other is trying to prepare my family, friends, and community as best I can for either sudden or protracted collapse of industrial civilization. It's a mad, mad world.
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About Me

Permanent Linkby General Doom on Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:49 pm

Ramblings from the site owner.

I'm a woman in my late 30s. I have a husband and a young son. I have never been an average American, but that's another (long) story. However, I didn't realize what a predicament our species and the planet was in until shortly before I gave birth to my first and only child. I learned about peak oil after becoming interested in current events books during my pregnancy. Fast Food Nation led to Mad Cow USA. Then I read The Party's Over. That was my "red pill" experience. The "red pill" refers to a scene in the popular movie The Matrix. I, along with many other folks in the peak oil scene, find it an apt analogy for how I felt when I learned about peak oil and what it might mean.

Since then I've learned about all kinds of doom, and learned a lot about various ways of trying to cope with it. I spent several years as a volunteer on a popular peak oil site, and learned more than I wanted to about human nature. I now know more than most people about how to can food, shoot guns, treat wounds and dental problems, raise livestock, design permaculture systems, hide, fight, build homes, feed, clothe, shelter and entertain myself and my family without support from the industrial civilization I was born into, and which is all I have ever known. I've learned a lot about myself along the way. I'll be writing more about these things in detail over time.

For various reasons I am no longer able to participate in the other site where I used to be so active. I will miss (some of) the community there, and I need a place to ramble about what I'm doing and how I feel about the world, so I started Malthusia. I hope it will grow into a place where people who see the impending end of the current system will talk about that, about what it means and what to do about it. This topic attracts a diverse group of people, so will not all agree, nor will we all have the same goals. Nevertheless I hope we can teach and learn from each other.

So, welcome, and thanks for participating.
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"Every junkie's like a setting sun..." - Neil Young
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